Flail Mower Service

We offer full sales, service and repairs to a wide range of flail and rotary mowers. we specialise in quad-x and wessex.

We carry many spare parts for the machines we sell and offer great backup service.

Flail Mower Hire

We have our 23hp quad-x power shredder flail mower available to hire per day or weekly please call for details.

We can even come to you and do the job with our own ATV’s please call for details.

To book the flail mower please contact us as it can be out on hire a lot during spring, summer and autumn.

A bit about the power shredder

The Power Shredder is a unique machine designed and developed for outstanding performance in extremely dense vegetation, and gives a more effective result than any flail.

It can reach wet / steep areas that your tractor can’t. With the Power Shredder running in excess of 1000RPM more than a tractor flail, this high speed combined with a specially developed ‘High Flow’ rotor can achieve remarkable results in vegetation up to 6ft / 1.8m in height.

With a number of material and design innovations, no other manufacturer has been able to produce an ATV mower with such impressive capabilities.

Quad-X have developed the Power Shredder as existing ATV mowers on the market aren’t capable in lough areas, fens, marshes, swamps and bogs which can be home to extremely dense 5-6ft bull rushes/reeds or dense heather, which have become commonplace in wetland areas. The Quad-X Power Shredder will give outstanding results in these areas!

The main challenge in wetland management is preventing invasion by woody plants such as willow and alder and involves cutting and scrub clearance to maintain them. The Power Shredder mulches the material to aid with a faster rate of decomposition which can help boost the fertility of the ground.

Managing rushes and scrub is extremely important, especially with the risk of losing out on your single farm payment so it is vital to keep on top of your rushes. It has also been discovered that cut rushes contain 70% NPK value of farmyard manure. The finely shredded rushes fertilise your ground to help boost grass growth and profitability.