Anti Drift Boom

The Quad-X anti-drift boom is equipped with a unique break back outer section to avoid damage upon collision and for easy fold up.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland


  • Nozzles – 7 Anti-drip precision nozzles for accurate spraying in most weather conditions
  • Anti-Drift Cover – Galvanised anti-drift cover provides shelter from the wind to ensure pattern of spray is not affected at the crucial point of exit from the nozzle
  • Spray Width – The anti-drift boom comes in a 11ft (3.35m) spray width
  • Swing Back – Outer Wings swing back to reduce damage caused by collision
  • Innovative Fold Up – Quad-X have designed this innovative fold up design for access through narrow gateways.

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Multiple Cut Off position model available to allow you to spray with an individual wing.

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