Precision Spreader

This ground driven sower has a 6 bag / 320L capacity, ideal for use on small holdings, golf courses or for ground maintenance. It can be towed behind a quad or any vehicle with a 50mm tow ball. With an adjustable drawbar height and linkage to level the drawbar this spreader is suitable to use behind any vehicle. The new model has a wider wheel base for added stability. A bigger, dished spinner gives an excellent spread. The plastic hopper allows the full contents of the spreader to be used.

The new model comes with knobby tyres 18×9.5×8 with an option of 22×11-8 tyres. The 4 stud hubs allow for easier wheel changes.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland



– Lightweight and easily towed

– Capacity 320L

– Suitable for fertiliser, seed and magnesium spreading

– 18-9.5×8 knobby tyres

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The Precision Spreader comes standard with 18-9.5×8 knobby tyres however you can get optional 22-11×8 knobby tyres.

Salt Spreading Kit

An optional salt spreading kit is available to turn your fertiliser sower into a salt spreader. The Salt spreaders are equipped with special deflector plates and agitation system for use with bagged granular salt and grit (MUST BE DRY).

Additional Options

– Optional Mesh Grill is available to break up large lumps with filling the hopper


A tarpaulin cover is available for added protection of the hopper contents, keeping it pure and dry.

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