Yard Scraper

A Quad-X ATV scraper is the ideal solution to yard and outhouse upkeep, fitted with heavy duty rubber to prevent damage to surfaces. Optional rubber sides are available for extra protection. The high tensile steel frame is designed for long life.

Requires Supermount, basic or basic-angled lift system

Requires manual/electric lift.

The yard scraper is 1.3m wide and is ideal for getting into narrow areas.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland

Quad-X also offer a wider 1.55m yard scraper, which is suitable for larger ATVs and UTVs.



Quad-X have developed the strongest most versatile front mount systems you can buy.

It fixes to the underside of almost all ATVs and does not affect your ground clearance. It can be used with numerous Quad-X attachments such as the power sweeper and front bucket. Quick release clips allow easy attachment / removal of the front accessories in seconds.

These front mount systems should fit onto any quad.

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